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LaWEEEda Project Overview

Against the background of increasing quantities of waste from electrical and electronic equipment (e-waste), lacking recycling infrastructure for adequate treatment and lacking know how in this field, the project LaWEEEda aims at strengthening Universities in Brazil and Nicaragua in their education in the field of e-waste management. The consortium with three European universities, four Universities and four business partners in the target region has been established from cooperation between partners in previous projects.

The project aims at improving the dialogue between research and practice by establishing regional Business and Training Centres that serve as knowledge hub and interface, thus enhancing the quality of educational products. Further this improves the employability of graduates at University level and of practitioners at CPD-level (continuing professional development) and supports sustainable entrepreneurship. Developing and implementing new and innovative educational products along with the establishment of two Business and Training Centres (one in Brazil and Nicaragua each) will lead to the following results

  • -Qualified graduates from Universities in in e-waste management
  • -Provision of trained and skilled workers as well as persons with entrepreneurial spirit and skills to start own businesses
  • -Increasing employability of graduates and practitioners, inclusion of informal recyclers as socially deprived parts of society, improving social cohesion
  • -Equipping education and training providers with state of the art teaching tools, methodologies and pedagogical approaches at the business and training centres

The implementation of the project is scheduled for three years. The following steps are taken: Creating an improved information basis on available and lacking education, development of the Business and Trainings Centres, evolving new and innovative educational products for academic use und for CPD accompanied by quality assurance and a dissemination strategy. For the Business and Training Centres a business plan is developed in order to ensure the long term sustainability of the Centres. Through the course of the project a wider network of stakeholders involved in e-waste management is implemented, aiming at a scaling up of the activities in other parts of Latin America.

This digital repository is provided as an output of the project to disseminate teaching resources that were developed during the project.

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